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And no … we did not post only the positive comments and delete the bad ones like we heard some stores do!!! We didn’t do that because we respect you, we love you and we understand our business is as good as the service we offer! That … and  because we’re afraid of Spiderman! Shhh … Keep this for yourself … we heard Dr Octopus had some fake comments and this was the main reason that got Spiderman on his case! Poor doctor, if he had known …

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Media Mentions:

Karina chandelier 4 on LightDaddy.com titlet=

About Karina Chandelier 4Sometimes you need to get back to the basics. It’s not necessary to have a certain brand signature in order to get appreciation.

LightDaddy.com – http://www.lightdaddy.com/classic/karina-chandelier/

CoolPile.com Logo

About Lombardia Lights Collection - Made in Europe, of fine quality beech wood, the Lombardia Lights Collection was designed to give your home a cool rustic look!

CoolPile.com – http://coolpile.com/home-stuff-magazine/lombardia-wood-rustic-lights-collection-rustik-light

Customer Testimonials:

rustiklight is one of the few online stores in the wood lighting goods category that has done it right. The site is easy to use and ordering usually takes the minimum amount of time. Their range of products and models is also pretty good especially when it comes to casual lights. Delivery is OK and I did not have any problems with my order.

RustikLight.com is, hands down, my favorite place to shop when it comes to lights. Compared to some of the bigger stores, there isn’t always that big of a selection, especially if you’re looking for anything but wood and iron, but it’s always decent. They have 10-15 collections and they bring new items in regularly.

This is a great little gem of a shop. My every interaction with rustiklight.com been in all respects satisfactory. I highly recommend this store to anyone who wants to get more quantity and better quality for their money. Will buy again!

You guys are great! Awesome service and fantastic deals! I’ve been getting so many compliments on lighting pieces I bought at rustik light. I will be back soon, when we finish to remodel the guest house, for some living room pieces. Keep it up, rustik light! Good job!

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